Update on Natural Shampoo/Conditioner

This is a photo of my hair after two washes with the baking soda shampoo and the apple cider vinegar conditioner. It’s feeling a little hagrid just now, but I’ve only been washing it about every five days or so.

hairEach time after I wash it, it’s a ¬†little easier to handle and feels a lot more natural. It also has more body and is much shinier. I definitely recommend it! I’m actually not using a recipe, just a 1/4 cup of baking soda in a nalgene of water and a cup of apple cider vinegar in another nalgene of water. Dilution is pretty important, I think.



Attempting New Things

Since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve grown increasingly worried about the ingredients in shampoo, lotion, and other things that we use on our bodies regularly. Chemicals? No thanks.

I’ve resolved to attempt the baking soda rinse in place of shampoo and an apple cider vinegar concoction for a conditioner if the baking soda dries it out too badly. How will I do it? Every three days, I want to use the baking soda rinse. This may vary, since my hair actually has this weird thing going on where some days it’s drier than others, and some days it’s more oily. I’m vaguely sure that’s normal, but I’ve never really chatted with anyone about it.

I’m using Reformation Acres’ all natural hair care post as reference. Here goes nothing. I’ll try to include a before and after picture in a few weeks.

I Hate Tylenol

This week has been really hard. I’ve had pounding headaches for a good 50% of my waking hours, and for the other 50%, a dull ache at the back of my skull. Ibu was the only thing that helped me pre-pregnancy, but now that I can’t have it, Tylenol is all I’ve been left with. My midwife told me if it didn’t do the trick, she’d prescribe something better for me, so I’m leaning on that. My next appt is on Tuesday morning at 8:20. I will be VERY excited to see her, even if she has to (graphic) scrape stuff off my cervix. (Ouch.)

When this baby pops out, I will be so happy. And I’ve still got five months to go. #headdesk


Budgeting is For the Birds


I’m in love with spreadsheets. I’ve got spreadsheets that list all the spreadsheets I need to make. In addition to those, I’ve got spreadsheets for literally every aspect of my life. Work schedule, future plans, savings goals, budgeting…


I’m NOT in love with budgeting. Currently, I have $30 in savings. Whoo! That’s amazing, considering I’ve been breaking even lately. Unfortunately, it’ll probably go toward my bills next month, depending on what my paycheck is like.

As J and I move forward into being adults, we’re finding it necessary to make decisions like where we’re going to live, how much rent we’re willing to pay, if we want a house or an apartment, etc. It’s rough.

Gettin real tired of wearing pants and having responsibilities.

Also, with a baby on the way, I have to actually start looking at buying things like.. cribs. I know absolutely nothing about cribs, except that I don’t want the wooden kind with the rungs on it. That just scares me for little baby hands. I want one of those kinds that you can carry around and are made of mesh! So much more likely to be safe.

Can I level with you? I’m terrified of having a child. The prospect of needing to provide financially for another human being that is completely helpless is so scary. I’m also wary of the constant responsibilities that come with parenting. I am 100% free of commitments and obligations except for the bills at this point in my life. I’ve lived like this since I was 17, and I like it. I’m used to it. And then there’s this:

And I’m like, great. This is gonna be rough. I know I’m supposed to be more enthusiastic, but looking around me at my tiny room that I rent in a condo of my friend’s mother’s, I have a desk, a shelf, and a bed. That’s it. How on earth am I going to pull all of this together so fast? I’ve always had ideals, and I guess I thought that once I DID have a kid, if ever, I’d be prepared. Like, with a completely set up nursery full of kids books and a beautiful crib and changing bed and a closet full of diapers that we’d been buying for years.

Welp, nothing I can do now. #ohwell

This has been Thoughts With Lennon. Thanks for joining.


Hello there.

This is the first post on my new blog, Bless This Wandering Heart. I feel like this should be groundbreaking and earth shaking, but I’m tired and it’s almost 1am here in Alaska. The skies are a beautiful clear black, and the stars are twinkling like a thousand tiny eyes, blinking down at us. It’s time that I let those eyes do the looking and my eyes do the resting.

I hope that this blog will be successful, but it is solely for the use of my random, 3am thought vomit. I will also occasionally make photo posts with my little Canon DSLR and sometimes, I’ll write poetry or rant about my awful Chinese food. I have promised myself that I will not be disappointed if it does not gain thousands of loyal followers or even a tiny crowd of dedicated readers. This is for me, and for the child in my belly, so that someday, she can read about what my life was like before she was born. Someday, she’ll want this available to her.

Lennon Perry,
over and out.


24. Female.
Pregnant, due July 29th.
Artist. (Mostly graphite, some pen, and some digital art.)
Texan, but also Alaskan.
Wish to travel everywhere in the world. Except Russia. (No offense, Russia.)

I live in the area of this picture. My name is Lennon Perry. Welcome to my life.
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